Happy Hour, I Mist You!

Happy Hour just got shitty.  Actually, it’s something that’s been happening over time; the slow decline of Happy Hour in the Connayo-rhymes-with-mayo Valley. But I suppose a slow decline is better than a rapid tanking. Think about it, if you take rapid tanking and apply that to aging, that’s some scary shit! Things slowing startContinue reading “Happy Hour, I Mist You!”

When Push Comes To Shove-It

Preggers… Jesus Christ!! Oh heavens no, not me, I’m not preggers, thank God! I’m no breeder… and frankly, don’t tell anybody this, but I find it slightly disgusting, you know? It looks so awful! None of my designer clothes would fit, my ankles would get swollen and I don’t want my belly distended like that. Well,Continue reading “When Push Comes To Shove-It”